Haroun and the sea of stories ending was brilliantly written in a way that I think brings all of the ideas and themes of the book to a close and wraps it up with a happy ending bow. Our final discussion in class I thought was not very effective. I think that there is just so much about this book that to try to talk about it in one discussion does not really accomplish anything. I didn’t really get to talk about anything I wanted to bring up so i will definitely talk about those topics.

The stories endi
ng was somewhat surprising, i didn’t expect the cities name to be Kahani. I think that there is probably some Catcher in the Rye level symbolism going on here so lets compare the City of gup to the City of Kahani. Kahani is a place that had never experienced happiness and Gup was a place that never experienced Sadness. Gup for the first time feels threatened and is sad that their stories are being ruined just like Salman Rushdie when Satanic verses had come under attack he wasn’t used to this sadness and was very upset. Then just like when Haroun arrives back home everyone is happy and this is symbolic of when Salman Rushdie Continued to write and did not let the Satanic verses controversy stop him from continuing to express his ideas or his stories (KAHANI!!!!!!).

As i promised in my last post I am going to discuss the question whats the point of stories that aren’t even true. I believe that the point of stories is to not to be truthful or inform you of history or fact but to inform you of another truth. You can’t write a truthful story because that’s history. But you can tell a lie and come out with a truth. Stories are meant to impart a truth or moral onto us. I believe¬†what rushdie is trying to tell us with this book is exactly that. Stories are not useless no matter what they say no matter what individual parts they have there is a bigger picture to each one and this book is trying to tell adults to read, kids to read, teens to read, everyone to read because stories are not words they are truths wearing masks of lies.




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