The project my group did is we had an instagram for Salman Rushdie and explained the meaning behind all of the characters in a very cheesy presentation sort of way. I did not enjoy this project then again is didn’t have much say because I was ignored and overpowered because somehow everything I say to them is dumb. Looking back at the project I would grade it low on a design scale because it was essentially a powerpoint within instagram it made an attempt to be creative but just sort of missed the mark. It was unique but didn’t really accomplish anything special compared to the creation of pokemon cards. My idea for the project would have used the instagram idea but to an extreme. Instead of having a Salman Rushdie account there would be accounts for all of the characters and have them interact with each other with realistic posts according to their personality and within those interactions reveal what they were supposed to represent within the story. So for example an interaction between Butt the Hoopoe and the Water Genie could help to reveal aspects of the story or we could interpret the interaction so that the audience understands the meaning of it. If I had the chance to do this project over again I would have been much more vocal and tried to push my ideas out. In the future i would like my projects to be much more creative and not be a powerpointish presentation



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