20Time New Plan…..

Okay so lets do a 180. No more documentary I am going with designing an elementary school level computer science curriculum. This is important to me because of how much I love technology and want to share that with others. I felt that my elementary technology education failed me. It was a bit lacking, it consisted of here is how you type, now here is how to make word docs and power-points. I feel that with a well planned curriculum we could have many students seriously have an interest in computer science and more engineering side careers.

Now that I have a project idea that i like and want to go forward with i have made a little bit of progress and have has some ideas run through my head. So far what i have done is send an e-mail to one of my school districts elementary schools. Their tech teacher will hopefully respond to me someday….


Welp this is no good because I just found out that the elementary school curriculum is freaking perfect, in literally every way. I love it, it includes coding, robots, online learning, and google drive. I couldn’t have thought of a better curriculum. Well this makes my life a whole lot harder because i now need to come up with another project very quickly and hope that it is a good one5ce


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