20Time Project Maybe????

So after my last two project ideas were scrapped i came up with a brand new incredibly original idea that is if fabulous. I wanted to continue in the are of technology and pursue something in that area but as i am not nearly as smart as somebody like Max Lin and unfortunate cannot create an AI to learn tic tac toe…. Instead I would like to create a technology lounge/ better use the space in our library for technological purposes. I want to make it seem a lot less closed off and make it encouraging to people to grab a laptop or use an iPad, and make technology more mobile than just sitting in rows of desks.

I have plenty of ideas on what it could look like and what it could be but i actually don’t know what we need or how to do any design sort of things. So I will need to fill out these things called empathy maps as i watch the library and just see what the people do. empathy-map-no-stickies

As i remember from my brief intro to design in 7th grade i need to design my products for the user and not for myself so i need to keep my audience in mind while i am creating my designs, i don’t really know how to do that but im sure that i will figure it out and at some point i will have something tangible for this blog nobody reads to see.


One thought on “20Time Project Maybe????

  1. Hey! Remind me we need to talk about:

    1) your punctuation and a bit of grammar so I can post this out to my own learning network and get you more exposure;

    2) Design process so we’re both aware of where you’re going.


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