Well as of  now I finally had other human beings besides my teacher take a look at what in particular I am interested in doing. Which changed since my last post, instead of a technology lounge I have Changed My project into designing a Maker Space for my High School in a lesser used computer lab. So first of all for those of you who are unaware of what a Maker Space is. A Maker Space according to Dianna Rendina, you can check out her blog post here,  “is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials”. To further explain that in these spaces students have tools like 3-d Printer, computers, Lego’s, robots, and recycled materials to create and design and build whatever they would like. To give you a small idea of what a space can have in it here is a picture from Wikipedia.1024px-2016_09_uj_meet_up_makerspace_c_lukas_boxberger

This particular space has students working on a variety of projects. One seems to be working on a computer with a 3-d printer next to him as well as a student building a computer and students sketching what seem to be vehicles on the windows. In just that small space you have a 3 different projects going on. This sort of space will help to create a focus on self determined and hands on learning in a school.


Anyway I presented this project to two teachers within my school and one walked away probably thinking I have no idea what I am doing and the other though it was incredible and would love to see it become a reality. The one that thinks I am crazy told me to think about budget and how to manage my resources. The one who was excited told me that this is a great idea but I will have limited access to changing of curriculum and classes. I would like to incorporate classes like math and social studies, and science but I might not be able to change the courses too much to use this space. This was only a preliminary presentation, I still do not have all the major details and won’t until I get to work on designing it.

My teacher asked me to include a timeline for what i will do till may  but i am not ready to come up with one because i need a better idea of how long everything will take so that will be posted relatively soon.



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