Well I still have a lot of work to do in this project, I have basically accomplished nothing, good job me….. I think right about now is when my teacher will be thinking to himself “Of course he has nothing done, what did I expect….”. However I think now will be a good time to plan out what I want to get done and give myself a sort of schedule so that I can better plan out my project. I will put that closer to the end of the post and talk about a few gaps in what I know right now. First lets address the fact that I might have a sorta mentor. Our librarian Mrs. Lainhart is also interested in having a design lab for the school. I would like at some point to talk more about it and understand what her vision for it is. I did hear that she is putting together a survey for students to gauge what their expectations or reaction would be to a space like this. This would be incredibly helpful for my project.

April 4 Deliverables Video Blog pitch (AMP handout)  
April 18 Deliverables Final Idea for room layout,
April 28 Deliverables A Real world mock up, made of materials I can find and stuff.
May 2 Deliverables Blog #8 an a 3d version in sketchup of the room
May 10 Have some people look at the project, let them make suggestions, point out flaws, tell me their concerns, and hopes.
May 16 Deliverables Blog #10 and A pretty good estimate at what this would cost, and different options we have. Then sometime between now and may 30 present to somebody important.
May 30 Deliverables Projects due…or next week.

The above chart is simply some milestones that I would like to have achieved on these dates, now whether this ever gets done I up to me. I hopefully will not procrastinate and maybe just maybe this will actually happen.


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