HuckleParody Finn

Well here is a different sort of blog post, for my English class we had to do a final project for Huckleberry Finn and I wanted to create some sort of satire that played off of the satire found in the novel. I was particularly interested in adapting the part of the book when Buck Grangerford explains to Huck what a feud is. I thought that putting a modern political twist on the section would make for an interesting piece.

I played with satirizing how we use social media to voice our political reasons and talk about them instead of talking in real life. This mainly came from our current president’strumptwitter-zyglis fondness for tweeting whatever comes into his head about politics. I also threw in some satire of the media where I had Huck Finn as for his viewers to subscribe to his Youtube channel and watch his videos and give him money to show how people make money off  others people’s lives, and stories, and show how selfish that practice can be sometimes.

Here is a small section of what I wrote, If you would like to read the rest you can click here.

A feud? What you talking about???

You ain’t never heard of feuds, jeez where did you get raised?
Well a feud is (sarcastically)very very simple…
So one day one Democrat fights with a republican on twitter, after the very official proceeding one man wins on account of getting the most retweets, an obviously the other man tweets the man who won the war and after that he starteda  feud. Then it gets fun, the other man’s brother tweets him, then the other brothers, on both sides go for one another; then the cousins chip in and by and by everybody is tweeted off or our phones lose power and then the feud is settled. I’m Just doin my part in my parties feud with the demo-craps

(Stares blankly at buck in disbelief.)
Well what lot a good does that accomplish, then everybody goes off is yelling about alternative facts and such and I would for one rather judge what the Kardashians were wearing last night than be  tweeted in a feud, haven’t you ever thought of maybe just talking it out in real life with more than 140 Characters?

Well I Never thought about that
(He stands up and gets out of the bush and is noticed by the Democrat)
Hey democrat, you wanna come over here and politely discuss climate change

Democrat dude:
(Yelling over at buck)
Can’t we just yell at eachother in a “Climate Change is Real” Youtube comments section!?


Haroun and the Sea of Stories: Reflection

The project my group did is we had an instagram for Salman Rushdie and explained the meaning behind all of the characters in a very cheesy presentation sort of way. I did not enjoy this project then again is didn’t have much say because I was ignored and overpowered because somehow everything I say to them is dumb. Looking back at the project I would grade it low on a design scale because it was essentially a powerpoint within instagram it made an attempt to be creative but just sort of missed the mark. It was unique but didn’t really accomplish anything special compared to the creation of pokemon cards. My idea for the project would have used the instagram idea but to an extreme. Instead of having a Salman Rushdie account there would be accounts for all of the characters and have them interact with each other with realistic posts according to their personality and within those interactions reveal what they were supposed to represent within the story. So for example an interaction between Butt the Hoopoe and the Water Genie could help to reveal aspects of the story or we could interpret the interaction so that the audience understands the meaning of it. If I had the chance to do this project over again I would have been much more vocal and tried to push my ideas out. In the future i would like my projects to be much more creative and not be a powerpointish presentation