Post Project Pitch

Well as of  now I finally had other human beings besides my teacher take a look at what in particular I am interested in doing. Which changed since my last post, instead of a technology lounge I have Changed My project into designing a Maker Space for my High School in a lesser used computer lab. So first of all for those of you who are unaware of what a Maker Space is. A Maker Space according to Dianna Rendina, you can check out her blog post here,  “is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials”. To further explain that in these spaces students have tools like 3-d Printer, computers, Lego’s, robots, and recycled materials to create and design and build whatever they would like. To give you a small idea of what a space can have in it here is a picture from Wikipedia.1024px-2016_09_uj_meet_up_makerspace_c_lukas_boxberger

This particular space has students working on a variety of projects. One seems to be working on a computer with a 3-d printer next to him as well as a student building a computer and students sketching what seem to be vehicles on the windows. In just that small space you have a 3 different projects going on. This sort of space will help to create a focus on self determined and hands on learning in a school.


Anyway I presented this project to two teachers within my school and one walked away probably thinking I have no idea what I am doing and the other though it was incredible and would love to see it become a reality. The one that thinks I am crazy told me to think about budget and how to manage my resources. The one who was excited told me that this is a great idea but I will have limited access to changing of curriculum and classes. I would like to incorporate classes like math and social studies, and science but I might not be able to change the courses too much to use this space. This was only a preliminary presentation, I still do not have all the major details and won’t until I get to work on designing it.

My teacher asked me to include a timeline for what i will do till may  but i am not ready to come up with one because i need a better idea of how long everything will take so that will be posted relatively soon.



20Time Project Maybe????

So after my last two project ideas were scrapped i came up with a brand new incredibly original idea that is if fabulous. I wanted to continue in the are of technology and pursue something in that area but as i am not nearly as smart as somebody like Max Lin and unfortunate cannot create an AI to learn tic tac toe…. Instead I would like to create a technology lounge/ better use the space in our library for technological purposes. I want to make it seem a lot less closed off and make it encouraging to people to grab a laptop or use an iPad, and make technology more mobile than just sitting in rows of desks.

I have plenty of ideas on what it could look like and what it could be but i actually don’t know what we need or how to do any design sort of things. So I will need to fill out these things called empathy maps as i watch the library and just see what the people do. empathy-map-no-stickies

As i remember from my brief intro to design in 7th grade i need to design my products for the user and not for myself so i need to keep my audience in mind while i am creating my designs, i don’t really know how to do that but im sure that i will figure it out and at some point i will have something tangible for this blog nobody reads to see.

20Time New Plan…..

Okay so lets do a 180. No more documentary I am going with designing an elementary school level computer science curriculum. This is important to me because of how much I love technology and want to share that with others. I felt that my elementary technology education failed me. It was a bit lacking, it consisted of here is how you type, now here is how to make word docs and power-points. I feel that with a well planned curriculum we could have many students seriously have an interest in computer science and more engineering side careers.

Now that I have a project idea that i like and want to go forward with i have made a little bit of progress and have has some ideas run through my head. So far what i have done is send an e-mail to one of my school districts elementary schools. Their tech teacher will hopefully respond to me someday….


Welp this is no good because I just found out that the elementary school curriculum is freaking perfect, in literally every way. I love it, it includes coding, robots, online learning, and google drive. I couldn’t have thought of a better curriculum. Well this makes my life a whole lot harder because i now need to come up with another project very quickly and hope that it is a good one5ce

20 Time

At first this project seemed terrifying and scary because of how open ended it was and it is still really scary. I didn’t have any ideas of what I could do that would have an impact on anybody or create something that wasn’t just another “school” project. I went through a lot of different ideas….

  • Rap
  • Write a Musical
  • Create an app
  • Create a website for general complaining
  • Go silent for a week (if you found my last blog, you know that story)

After not knowing what I was doing for literally ever, I wrote out all of my interests on a whiteboard and what possible things connected to them. In the end i still had absolutely no idea as to what I was going to do so after talking with my wonderful teacher , who’s blog you can find here, suggested that I do a documentary about color guard, I thought that this would be a really bad idea and the more I though about it the more complicated it seemed. I have no other ideas so for right now at least i’m going with that, Eric the Documenterererer…..

The first thing I need to understand before committing to this is how are documentaries made, how do I make one, do I need money, how do I film, what do I film with, what do I film, what do i say, is there a plot, what is a documentary and many many more scary questions that need answers. I need to start answering those so my best friend Google has got my back.

In an interview with Michael Moore the filmmaker behind the documentaries Roger and 220px-michael_moore_2011_shankbone_4Me and Fahrenheit 9/11 he layed out his thirteen rules to making a documentary, and you can read that interview here but I will just write about what I think made an impact on what I am going to do. First off he stressed the idea that this is a film and not a documentary, and that I should treat it the same way filming a movie with fictional characters would be treated. He also stated “Don’t Tell me Shit I Already Know”, meaning that i shouldn’t treat the audience like they are an idiot, they all have brains and understand topics without lengthy explanations. Don’t use the film as a way to lecture an audience or attempt to be a college professor. Essentially i took it as that there is no format or template to follow when filming, we don’t want a five paragraph essay format for a film. And finally use humor, he says that humor is and underused art in documentaries. It allows for the audience to feel engaged and have fun and then go home and do something, or go home feeling something other than depression or some other passive emotion.

So in the end I need to figure out exactly what I am doing and how i am doing it so until then keep being Pretty Odd…..#Branding

Haroun and the Sea of Stories: Reflection

The project my group did is we had an instagram for Salman Rushdie and explained the meaning behind all of the characters in a very cheesy presentation sort of way. I did not enjoy this project then again is didn’t have much say because I was ignored and overpowered because somehow everything I say to them is dumb. Looking back at the project I would grade it low on a design scale because it was essentially a powerpoint within instagram it made an attempt to be creative but just sort of missed the mark. It was unique but didn’t really accomplish anything special compared to the creation of pokemon cards. My idea for the project would have used the instagram idea but to an extreme. Instead of having a Salman Rushdie account there would be accounts for all of the characters and have them interact with each other with realistic posts according to their personality and within those interactions reveal what they were supposed to represent within the story. So for example an interaction between Butt the Hoopoe and the Water Genie could help to reveal aspects of the story or we could interpret the interaction so that the audience understands the meaning of it. If I had the chance to do this project over again I would have been much more vocal and tried to push my ideas out. In the future i would like my projects to be much more creative and not be a powerpointish presentation