Progress, and Feedback

So essentially I have been very busy with Color guard, Finals, and AP Exams and have not had the chance to get much of anything done. I did, however, make some progress, I created those cardboard stands with pictures I said I would do eventually. Using those I am having students mark with a marker things they would most like the maker space to be like, this is very helpful because not only am I getting information about what my audience would like I am actually getting real data to help me design the environment. They are currently in my English classroom and were there for two days. I eventually would like to have them in the library so that I can get an ever wider audience. I might make more boards to hold more images if I want feedback on other ideas.20170511_094136

Another thing that has happened is that I was supposed to go to a meeting for the school’s group of teachers who are interested in creating this sort of space, but it was canceled and rescheduled and I am still going to go to it but it will be too late to really use any info from it in my project.


I’m Late, I’m Late! Time to Panic!

Well, I had a long Easter break and ended up working on an AP project instead of getting 20Time work done so I am a bit behind schedule. I wanted to have a final layout for the room by two days ago but because I would like to get input from possible users of the space, those users are the students of my school and while I can’t survey everybody in the school I can possibly get some feedback on what a makerspace should be like in my school. I am constructing large cardboard panels with pictures of different makerspaces and resources on them. By having students put stickers on the pictures they like I can gain a better understanding of what they would like the space to be like.41677 On top of all of this I would like to create the 3D environment so that I can use Virtual reality to demonstrate what the space would look like from the perspective of being inside of it. I believe that by using the software SketchUp I can find a plugin to allow Google Cardboard functionality.

Something really cool that I did recently was I got to talk to a designer who is innovating my middle school’s library. I ran my ideas by him and got some feedback on how to better understand what a client might want and how to better incorporate a makerspace into my school. I also talked to him about how do I keep flexibility in this room. He suggested that everything or at least most things have wheels and can be moved around or go outside so that we can really be compatible for any project.

I will definitely be using that meeting to my advantage and use it to further my own designs. Another aspect of 20Time is that I have to write a research paper on something related to my project. I am still trying to think of what exactly it should be on and what book resource I should use as a source for it. But this all for now!

HuckleParody Finn

Well here is a different sort of blog post, for my English class we had to do a final project for Huckleberry Finn and I wanted to create some sort of satire that played off of the satire found in the novel. I was particularly interested in adapting the part of the book when Buck Grangerford explains to Huck what a feud is. I thought that putting a modern political twist on the section would make for an interesting piece.

I played with satirizing how we use social media to voice our political reasons and talk about them instead of talking in real life. This mainly came from our current president’strumptwitter-zyglis fondness for tweeting whatever comes into his head about politics. I also threw in some satire of the media where I had Huck Finn as for his viewers to subscribe to his Youtube channel and watch his videos and give him money to show how people make money off  others people’s lives, and stories, and show how selfish that practice can be sometimes.

Here is a small section of what I wrote, If you would like to read the rest you can click here.

A feud? What you talking about???

You ain’t never heard of feuds, jeez where did you get raised?
Well a feud is (sarcastically)very very simple…
So one day one Democrat fights with a republican on twitter, after the very official proceeding one man wins on account of getting the most retweets, an obviously the other man tweets the man who won the war and after that he starteda  feud. Then it gets fun, the other man’s brother tweets him, then the other brothers, on both sides go for one another; then the cousins chip in and by and by everybody is tweeted off or our phones lose power and then the feud is settled. I’m Just doin my part in my parties feud with the demo-craps

(Stares blankly at buck in disbelief.)
Well what lot a good does that accomplish, then everybody goes off is yelling about alternative facts and such and I would for one rather judge what the Kardashians were wearing last night than be  tweeted in a feud, haven’t you ever thought of maybe just talking it out in real life with more than 140 Characters?

Well I Never thought about that
(He stands up and gets out of the bush and is noticed by the Democrat)
Hey democrat, you wanna come over here and politely discuss climate change

Democrat dude:
(Yelling over at buck)
Can’t we just yell at eachother in a “Climate Change is Real” Youtube comments section!?

20 Time

At first this project seemed terrifying and scary because of how open ended it was and it is still really scary. I didn’t have any ideas of what I could do that would have an impact on anybody or create something that wasn’t just another “school” project. I went through a lot of different ideas….

  • Rap
  • Write a Musical
  • Create an app
  • Create a website for general complaining
  • Go silent for a week (if you found my last blog, you know that story)

After not knowing what I was doing for literally ever, I wrote out all of my interests on a whiteboard and what possible things connected to them. In the end i still had absolutely no idea as to what I was going to do so after talking with my wonderful teacher , who’s blog you can find here, suggested that I do a documentary about color guard, I thought that this would be a really bad idea and the more I though about it the more complicated it seemed. I have no other ideas so for right now at least i’m going with that, Eric the Documenterererer…..

The first thing I need to understand before committing to this is how are documentaries made, how do I make one, do I need money, how do I film, what do I film with, what do I film, what do i say, is there a plot, what is a documentary and many many more scary questions that need answers. I need to start answering those so my best friend Google has got my back.

In an interview with Michael Moore the filmmaker behind the documentaries Roger and 220px-michael_moore_2011_shankbone_4Me and Fahrenheit 9/11 he layed out his thirteen rules to making a documentary, and you can read that interview here but I will just write about what I think made an impact on what I am going to do. First off he stressed the idea that this is a film and not a documentary, and that I should treat it the same way filming a movie with fictional characters would be treated. He also stated “Don’t Tell me Shit I Already Know”, meaning that i shouldn’t treat the audience like they are an idiot, they all have brains and understand topics without lengthy explanations. Don’t use the film as a way to lecture an audience or attempt to be a college professor. Essentially i took it as that there is no format or template to follow when filming, we don’t want a five paragraph essay format for a film. And finally use humor, he says that humor is and underused art in documentaries. It allows for the audience to feel engaged and have fun and then go home and do something, or go home feeling something other than depression or some other passive emotion.

So in the end I need to figure out exactly what I am doing and how i am doing it so until then keep being Pretty Odd…..#Branding